Love is in the air: Robin’s Top 4 Beauty Products

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Love is in the air!

For myself, I find the world of makeup a gorgeous, fun, & wonderful place! I love to go exploring, looking for new, fun products to try!  I know for some of you, going into the makeup aisles or stores, can be very overwhelming and daunting, and you find it easier to stick to your same old routine. Now don’t get me wrong, we all have a few good classic products that we love and could never do without.  I wanted to share with you 4 of my own products I love and why they are my favorites.  I hope that it inspires you to go out and be adventurous! After all, its just makeup and you can wash it off and play some more!

*MAC Prep+Prime Masacara: this light weigh white undercoat, adds a great foundation for your own mascara. It helps acheive more volume and length, while smoothing and conditioning the lashes all day, helping your mascara last longer. You just do a nice smooth coat on both eyes, let it dry for a minute or so, and away you go with your regular mascara! I hope you love it as much as I do!

Mac Mascara Prime and Prep

Mac Cosmetics $16

*Naked Flushed~ Bronzer, Highlighter, Blush Trio: this is a great ‘all in one face palette’! This palette is super easy to use. A gorgeous rose colored blush to add a nice natural color to the apples of your cheeks.  A glowing peach bronzer to add that sun kissed looked to cheekbones, temple and t-zone.  To finish it all off, a soft iridescent shimmer to highlight the brow bone, cheekbone and inner corner of eye. Some days I use all 3 colors, or if I am rushing, I just use my big powder brush, do a light blend of all them on my cheekbones and apples—gives a soft fresh look! Comes in a great compact with a mirror- you just need to have your own big powder brush. Great product for a natural summer sun kissed glow.

Urban Decay $30

Urban Decay $30

*Sappho Liquid Foundation: an Canadian eco-conscious organic makeup line. The liquid foundation is one of my all time favorites! It has a beautiful  coverage, with a silky, weightless finish to it. It has 8 tones to choose from, and since it has no synthetic preservatives, it on average lasts 1 1/2 -2 years.  I usually have 2 tones, 1 for my summer skin, & 1 for my winter skin. It has so many wonderful essential oils (smells amazing) & antioxidants.  I can feel how much my skin benefits from wearing this foundation! My favorite ingredients are tea tree oil (battles those pesky pimples), frankincense (boosts collagen production) and aloe juice (soothes any redness). I highly recommend to check out the website for more ingredient/benefit details, or you can book in with an Avenue Beauty Artist, a Calgary Sappho retailer, for a full Sappho organic makeup application or pop in for a complimentary color match. Easy to apply by tapping a small amount on the back of your hand,  smooth on your face with a foundation brush or finger tips! Both tools help save product, and allow for the product to go on evenly & smooth!

Sappho Cosmetics $48

Sappho Cosmetics $48


*Lush Breath of Fresh Air: this is a refreshingly soothing sea water spray. Another fabulous product full of beautiful, natural ingredients such as aloe & rose for soothing dry skin, and seaweed extract for softening. Its great for all skin types, and I love that I can use it all year round! It combats my dry skin in the winter, while cooling and soothing my skin from the summer heat! It is a must have product to use morning and night!  Hot tip from the great peeps at lush-” keep your bottle in the fridge during the summer, for an extra refreshing and invigorating mist!”.

Lush Cosmetics $9.95-$21.95

Lush Cosmetics $9.95-$21.95

I hope this little blog inspires you & gives you a little extra product knowledge for your makeup shopping experience. I also hope you get a chance to experience at least one of these amazing products! If you need any support hitting the makeup stores and you live in Calgary, be sure to send me an email, I would love to customize a Makeup Shop and Lesson for you!

Thanks for reading, and have a beautiful day!

~Robin H
Hair &Makeup Artist
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