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Destination Weddings: Must have Hair Products

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Short Hair Trends

Posted on: March 5th, 2014 by Heidi Bogi 1 Comment

Long hair has always been envied and wanted by girls as the times have rolled by, but short hair has unburied itself and has made a fierce come-back. It is so feminine and beautiful! So many celebrities and women of today have been cutting their hair into bobs or shorter!

Short hair always makes a big impact, because it can fully change the way your face looks.  Short hair can open up your face and show off your great features.  You don’t need to hide behind long hair anymore. It can be so refreshing to cut your hair off and make a change.  After all it is just hair and it will grow back!

Today’s young starlets, like Jennifer and Miley demonstrate the versatility of a similar pixie cut.  It really shows how it can be played with.  One styled soft the other a bit edgier, they both work! 

Bob’s are also so versatile.  You can wear them in so many different ways, curly, straight, pinned up, change your part for the day, crimp them, whatever your heart desires! They are so easy to play with.  It is so diversified with how you can cut it as well. You can do a blunt cut to your jaw bone, shorter in the back, longer in the front, same length all around.  The possibilities are endless! It is fun and playful to go a bit shorter and it will add a spring to your step this summer!

If you’re not ready for a full cut and just want to try a short hair look, you can pin it to a faux bob and see what you think! You can always go to and check out how to do a faux bob.  We have added a link to one we found was helpful!

A few of our favorite short haircut idols of 2014 are Julianne Hough, Kelly Rippa, Jennifer Lawrence, Katy Perry! Remember don’t hide behind your hair.  If you find yourself pinning your hair back 80% of the time, maybe you need a change!


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Short Hair Collage



Bright Hair Color Trend

Posted on: February 3rd, 2014 by Heidi Bogi No Comments

Color Trend Cover Photo

Bright Hair Color Trend

If you haven’t noticed, there has been an explosion of fun colours showing up with everyone’s hair these days. It has been so popular to throw a little blue, pink, or even green in your hair. The sky is the limit with this trend. Pink, Blue, Green, really any color has been tried! There are a lot of options for you if you would like to try out colored hair.

One of my favourite brands for this is called EVO FABULOSO. They have conditioners made to keep your colour strong, but will also turn your blonde hair crazy colours. There is also a professional line you can find at Hedkandi if you want it done by a professional.  For all the brunettes out there, to use some of these fun colours, including the fabuloso, you will have to have some blonde going on in your hair for the colour to show up.  You can get a few highlights, a couple fun panel pieces in your hair or take the plunge and go completely blonde for a crazy colour time!  If you decide to pre enlighten we highly recommend having this done in a salon, enlightening can be very tricky.

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Hair chalk is great if you do not want to commit to having bright hair for much longer than one shampoo. Most chalks will show up on brunette hair, without pre lightening. The Bumble & Bumble hair chalk shows up beautifully, it’s in an aerosol can, so it is super easy to apply and comes out with one shampoo! You can get these bumble chalks at Bumble salons in your city or check out their website, they can tell you where there is a salon close to you or just order online










Whatever you decide, feel free to create, explore, express yourself while the hair colour trend is here!   

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