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Love is in the air: Robin’s Top 4 Beauty Products

Posted on: March 11th, 2014 by Heidi Bogi No Comments

Love is in the air!

For myself, I find the world of makeup a gorgeous, fun, & wonderful place! I love to go exploring, looking for new, fun products to try!  I know for some of you, going into the makeup aisles or stores, can be very overwhelming and daunting, and you find it easier to stick to your same old routine. Now don’t get me wrong, we all have a few good classic products that we love and could never do without.  I wanted to share with you 4 of my own products I love and why they are my favorites.  I hope that it inspires you to go out and be adventurous! After all, its just makeup and you can wash it off and play some more!

*MAC Prep+Prime Masacara: this light weigh white undercoat, adds a great foundation for your own mascara. It helps acheive more volume and length, while smoothing and conditioning the lashes all day, helping your mascara last longer. You just do a nice smooth coat on both eyes, let it dry for a minute or so, and away you go with your regular mascara! I hope you love it as much as I do!

Mac Mascara Prime and Prep

Mac Cosmetics $16

*Naked Flushed~ Bronzer, Highlighter, Blush Trio: this is a great ‘all in one face palette’! This palette is super easy to use. A gorgeous rose colored blush to add a nice natural color to the apples of your cheeks.  A glowing peach bronzer to add that sun kissed looked to cheekbones, temple and t-zone.  To finish it all off, a soft iridescent shimmer to highlight the brow bone, cheekbone and inner corner of eye. Some days I use all 3 colors, or if I am rushing, I just use my big powder brush, do a light blend of all them on my cheekbones and apples—gives a soft fresh look! Comes in a great compact with a mirror- you just need to have your own big powder brush. Great product for a natural summer sun kissed glow.

Urban Decay $30

Urban Decay $30

*Sappho Liquid Foundation: an Canadian eco-conscious organic makeup line. The liquid foundation is one of my all time favorites! It has a beautiful  coverage, with a silky, weightless finish to it. It has 8 tones to choose from, and since it has no synthetic preservatives, it on average lasts 1 1/2 -2 years.  I usually have 2 tones, 1 for my summer skin, & 1 for my winter skin. It has so many wonderful essential oils (smells amazing) & antioxidants.  I can feel how much my skin benefits from wearing this foundation! My favorite ingredients are tea tree oil (battles those pesky pimples), frankincense (boosts collagen production) and aloe juice (soothes any redness). I highly recommend to check out the website for more ingredient/benefit details, or you can book in with an Avenue Beauty Artist, a Calgary Sappho retailer, for a full Sappho organic makeup application or pop in for a complimentary color match. Easy to apply by tapping a small amount on the back of your hand,  smooth on your face with a foundation brush or finger tips! Both tools help save product, and allow for the product to go on evenly & smooth!

Sappho Cosmetics $48

Sappho Cosmetics $48


*Lush Breath of Fresh Air: this is a refreshingly soothing sea water spray. Another fabulous product full of beautiful, natural ingredients such as aloe & rose for soothing dry skin, and seaweed extract for softening. Its great for all skin types, and I love that I can use it all year round! It combats my dry skin in the winter, while cooling and soothing my skin from the summer heat! It is a must have product to use morning and night!  Hot tip from the great peeps at lush-” keep your bottle in the fridge during the summer, for an extra refreshing and invigorating mist!”.

Lush Cosmetics $9.95-$21.95

Lush Cosmetics $9.95-$21.95

I hope this little blog inspires you & gives you a little extra product knowledge for your makeup shopping experience. I also hope you get a chance to experience at least one of these amazing products! If you need any support hitting the makeup stores and you live in Calgary, be sure to send me an email, I would love to customize a Makeup Shop and Lesson for you!

Thanks for reading, and have a beautiful day!

~Robin H
Hair &Makeup Artist
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Tight-lining 101

Posted on: January 14th, 2014 by Heidi Bogi No Comments

Tight-light: A Natural Liner In-between your lashes

What is tight-liner? It is a liner, Black or Brown, that is placed in between your natural lashes.   Where the lashes are coming out of your skin is where you place the product.   It makes your lashes look longer and thicker.  It helps define your eye shape and sets you up for a finished and more professional liner application.

Applying Tight Liner

By applying a dark liner in between the roots of your lashes you are filling in any lighter skin.  This makes your lashes look like they are coming from a deeper depth.  Simply by using a gel liner and a flat headed brush you can wiggle in between the lashes and apply a liner right at the roots of you natural lashes.  Sounds complicated, but give it a shot!   Its just makeup so it will always wipe off!



What will you need?

  • Flat Synthetic bristle brush

Laura Mercier Flat Liner Brushavailable at Ave. Beauty.caAngle Brush or Squared Flat Tipped Brush



  • Gel Liner

Laura Mercier Cake LinerInfinity Gel Eye LinerLaura Mercier Cake Liner or Ave. Beauty Infinity Gel Liner


How do apply the Tight Liner?
  • Pick up your product.
    • be sure to mainly focus on getting the product on the tips of the bristles
  • Go from underneath your lashes and wiggle and stamp the bristles in between the lashes and onto the skin
  • Then pull away
    • don’t try to drag the brush along the root line like you would when working above the lash line
    • Think of stamping in between those roots and connecting the line
  • Repeat connecting the lines across the lash line
  • Go from the most outer lash root to the inner corner so that you define your full length of your eye 


Please Note we are not applying on the water line, but in between the lashes.

Please Note we are not applying on the water line, but in between the lashes.

Slightly lifting the lid will help you see where to place the product.

Slightly lifting the lid will help you see where to place the product.

Notice that the one eye is softly tight lined and that it helps define the natural eye shape

Notice that the one eye is softly tight lined and that it helps define the natural eye shape.


You can see that it is a very natural liner and that it softly defines the eye.

It is a very natural liner and that it softly defines the eye.


Curling Eyelashes

QUICK TIP: Curl your lashes before doing the tight liner.


A Basic 5 Min. Face, fresh and natural!

A Basic 5 Min. Face, Fresh and Natural!


Having just a tight liner and mascara can make a really soft and natural look.  If you decide to go dramatic with your eyes the tight liner will guide you as you are adding a regular liner or smoky liner.  That will be the next blog, how to add to the liner above the lash line/tight line!

Thanks for Reading!

Heidi Bogi
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Lash Love

Posted on: May 21st, 2013 by Robin Hubert No Comments



Big, bold, lush lashes are a fast growing trend right now. Everything from a light natural fill to a long, bold glamorous lash—there is something for everyone. There are many options, varying from application type, price point & desired lash effect. By choosing a lash enhancement your eyes will be framed beautifully, allowing your eyes to shine and be the centre of attention.


There are several methods for lash enhancements—temporary to semi-permanent, synthetic to natural fibres. It can be overwhelming with all the choices available, and where to get the services done, but here is a simple breakdown on the most popular applications happening today.


*False Lashes: False lashes are easy to apply, inexpensive & are low maintenance, as they are a 1 day wear. You can look for false lashes in individuals, ½ strips, ¾ strips and full strips. Individual lashes allow you to apply little clusters to your lash line, whether it is to fill in sparse areas of the lashes making it very natural, or to really accentuate the area. The ½ & ¾ strips add a more dramatic effect, enhancing the outer area of the top lash. These 3 lashes are a fabulous compliment to a smoky eye, or winged eye liner. A full lash strip will give you the most over all volume & length, resulting in a more dramatic eye. We apply our false lashes directly above  your natural lash line, causing no damage to your natural lash.  False lashes are a great way to play around and see what you feel comfortable with, and what works best with your eye shape, and the look you want to portray. Please ensure that you use an adhesive designed specially for lash applications.  We love Duo lash glue for our false lash applications!


*Eye Lash Extensions: This enhancement is fantastic because it is customized just for you & once applied, gives a gorgeous full lash from the minute you wake up till the end of the day. A trained lash extension professional will bond a single lash (synthetic or natural fibre) directly onto your own individual natural lashes, and since the average person has approximately 150 lashes, you can get a very full, gorgeous lash as a result. This also means it is a more time consuming application, but the results are worth it! After the initial installation, you will require to go back to lash salon every few weeks to get a fill—this will take care of any lashes that were not bonded the time before, as well as freshen up any that may have naturally fallen out. If you are new to this type of enhancement, please research different salons in your area, as there are many options to choose from—different price points, as well as different qualities of lash extensions. Word of mouth is a great way to choose a reputable location!  We highly recommend Shay Danielle Esthetics in Calgary, she has many years of experience with Lash Extensions.


*Eye Lash Tinting: A lash tint is a vegetable based dye, can last up to several weeks & is at a reasonable price point. This enhancement is ideal for lashes that are light in color & for anyone who does not wear a lot of make-up, is active, or is going for a holiday. The dye is applied directly onto the lashes, and will process for short period of time. (Process may vary depending on the product/ training of the professional) After it is removed, your lashes will have a deepened consistent color from root to tip. It will not add extra volume or length—it will only work with what you have naturally, however the result is a fresh & polished lash. It is important to have this done by someone who is qualified, so please inquire to different salons that offer this service to find the best one for you to go to.


* Lash Dip: I am very excited to be learning new information about Lash Dipping, as it is one of the newest applications for lash enhancements. It is semi-permanent, lasting approximately 4 weeks and gives the results that mascara does—volume, length, curl and separation. Your Lash Dip professional will apply one to many layers, depending on your desired result. The results allow you to have a waterproof, full, polished lash, allowing you to skip the mascara & look great all day long! This is great for those always on the go, anyone going on a holiday, or for someone looking to save time in morning.  For more detailed information, please visit


As with any new services, it is important to educate yourself on the options available, so you can choose a lash enhancement best for you. You can locate great information from reviews & websites that created the product and offer the training courses, as well as the salons in your area that offer it. Talking to friends and other beauty professionals that you go to are also a great resource. Word of mouth is a great way to find reputable locations.

~Love your Lashes, & keep being Beautiful! ~

By Robin Hubert

Makeup and Hair Artist with Avenue Beauty

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