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True Beauty: Our Day with Breast Cancer Survivors

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True BEauty CollageWhen Ave, Beauty was approached to help out with the Masquerade Breast Cancer Gala, I had no idea the impact it would have on me and our artists.  Off the bat, we were given a few details that were typical with this type of event; the theme, the number of models, time restrictions, etc. As the planning went on, there seemed to be a growing interest by women to volunteer as models. We continued to get updates on the ever increasing number of participants. It was then that I realized these women were not simply everyday women volunteering their time for a cause, these were proud, confident breast cancer fighters and survivors. They were so thrilled and eager to share their story, help raise awareness and money for their community, and also to be pampered! We were beyond humble and honored to help showcase the palpable beauty and strength that these woman represent. I knew then that this would be a very emotional event for us.Photo Two Robin  Given a masquerade theme, our team got together to sketch out our intricate makeup designs and planned our itinerary for the day. We quickly realized that hand painting masquerade masks directly on the face was going to be a lot more time consuming then allowed based on the amount of models. So our best course of action was to do up 5 really amazing hand painted masks entirely done through makeup application and then build 10 traditional masquerade masks with less intricate makeup.  Any woman with the hand held mask would still get beautiful evening makeup! It was realistically the only way that 4 of us artists were going to be able to get all of the ladies done!

Beyond their beauty, an extremely important aspect on our minds was their health and safety.  We all were aware that any one being treated with chemo can have very sensitive skin and be susceptible to sickness and infections.  Our artists go through intense training and are expected to be extremely clean and hygienic in their practices, however this brought it to a whole new level.  We also knew that some of the ladies would possibly have lost their eyelashes and eyebrows as a result of their treatment. After 10 plus years in the business, this was something none of us had experienced.  The best we could do was go in there with the cleanest kits, be aware and do our best.   Photo One

Upon arrival to the salon, I can speak for all of us, that the sheer magnitude of the spirit and energy in the room was both infectious and overwhelming.  There was excitement in the air, nothing I had ever felt at a fashion show, photo-shoot nor even a wedding. They were so genuinely excited and thankful to be pampered and have their makeup done.  We were equally as excited to make these woman feel glamorous and gorgeous, that was our ultimate goal.

As the ladies sat in each of our chairs, we all heard very personal stories.  Some chatted about their young kids and how excited they were to go home and show them their makeup. Others joked on what their husbands were going to think.   No matter what design we had they were game!  Whether it was sparkles, feathered lashes, or bright pink lips, they were up for it.PicMonkey Collage4

 I was so proud of all of the Ave Beauty artists and team.  This was a very demanding day, not only with the amount of models we had to complete but the level and quality of work we had to achieve.  We were so focused on the task at hand that we couldn’t reflect on emotional impact of the day until we were finished.  Each artist had their own experience with the women that came through their chair. Some shared tears, other laughter but all of us shared the excitement and pride. These women were so inspiring and we felt connected – I am sure we hugged almost every model we did!

Almost all of them had one or both of their breasts removed.  They were all chatting about what they were left with after the surgery.  Some were looking forward to having their breast done.  Others were chatting about having tattoos done.  All were sharing what worked for them what didn’t.  They all had been through so much, but the openness and honesty, the bond and trust these women portrayed, is really what all us woman should strive to be every day. The scars that some of them had peeking out above their shirts revealed how much they had been through and their strength. As a woman you hear about it, you can listen and empathize, but I honestly don’t think you can understand what they have gone through unless you have.  PicMonkey Collage3

When it came to clean up time, all the models had left to head for the dinner portion of the evening. This was one of my most favorite part of the day, when we could share our experiences with each other, be in awe of these woman. There was an evident realization of what we had all just been a part of. I felt a whole new kind of love and appreciation for my job and fellow artists.

Makeup can so often be used to cover up and a tool to hide. It can surrounded by vanity, phoniness and egos. It’s no secret that the “perfect” ideal woman that is plastered across mainstream media is the result or combination of photo shop, plastic surgery and retouching.  I, myself can admit, often being caught up in this false idea of what makes a beautiful woman. This day, these women – the fighters and survivors, slapped me back to reality and made me remember what true beauty is. It was their energy, their strength, and their confidence that was beautiful – they radiated beauty. Our job was actually quite simple, highlight and showcase what was already there. That day gave me a whole new outlook for Avenue Beauty. It left me feeling inspired and honored to have had the opportunity to meet these beautiful women. Avenue Beauty is dedicated to celebrating true beauty and using our talents to make those Beauties shine!

 Thank you to all of the Ave. Beauty Artists that volunteered their time to make this happen. Robin Hubert, Robyn Labodi, Tamara Spencer, Santana Blanchette, Jampa Laflamme, Marin Smith THANK YOU! 


“We Are All Stars, and deserve a chance to twinkle.” Marilyn Monroe

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Heidi Bogi


“As a makeup artist, I am constantly meeting new people. I love to hear about their lives & their stories that has brought them to this moment in my chair. At the Breast Cancer Masquerade Fundraiser we were so lucky to be a part of. I had the honor to meet so many lovely women who truly touched my soul– it really solidifies why i love my job so much. There was a diverse group of women I had the please of ‘glamming up”. There were those who were moms of young children, those who had been married for decades and were talking of their kids in university & grandchildren on the way. while others had to move from their place of support & comfort to seek treatment, and give up dreams to continue this battle everyday. It truly is a life changing disease, and I am just so happy that we were able to be a small part in making them feel their most best beautiful self that day. It was an event that I will never forget!”

-Robin Hubert- Key Makeup and Hair Artist for Ave.Beauty

“I am honored to have gotten the opportunity to be around such a beautiful group of strong, powerful women. This fashion show was more than great hair and makeup, it was about the strength and courage of these amazing women; able to live to tell their story. These stories that emotionally reached me and every other artist involved. The reaction of a breast cancer survivor looking in the mirror after having her makeup done and false lashes applied (as hers had fell out from the chemo) telling me how beautiful she feels is very inspiring! I love my job & the amazing people I get the opportunity to meet.” 


-Robyn Labodi -Key Makeup Artist for Ave.Beauty

Bright Hair Color Trend

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Color Trend Cover Photo

Bright Hair Color Trend

If you haven’t noticed, there has been an explosion of fun colours showing up with everyone’s hair these days. It has been so popular to throw a little blue, pink, or even green in your hair. The sky is the limit with this trend. Pink, Blue, Green, really any color has been tried! There are a lot of options for you if you would like to try out colored hair.

One of my favourite brands for this is called EVO FABULOSO. They have conditioners made to keep your colour strong, but will also turn your blonde hair crazy colours. There is also a professional line you can find at Hedkandi if you want it done by a professional.  For all the brunettes out there, to use some of these fun colours, including the fabuloso, you will have to have some blonde going on in your hair for the colour to show up.  You can get a few highlights, a couple fun panel pieces in your hair or take the plunge and go completely blonde for a crazy colour time!  If you decide to pre enlighten we highly recommend having this done in a salon, enlightening can be very tricky.

2014-01-20 21_29_07

2014-01-20 21_29_01









Hair chalk is great if you do not want to commit to having bright hair for much longer than one shampoo. Most chalks will show up on brunette hair, without pre lightening. The Bumble & Bumble hair chalk shows up beautifully, it’s in an aerosol can, so it is super easy to apply and comes out with one shampoo! You can get these bumble chalks at Bumble salons in your city or check out their website, they can tell you where there is a salon close to you or just order online










Whatever you decide, feel free to create, explore, express yourself while the hair colour trend is here!   

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Rae. Fletcher

Hair Artist