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Food For Thought

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Food for thought FoodFood for thought!


Hello Beauties! The cold, brisk weather has arrived, and let me be the first to say, I have noticed a huge difference in the way my skin & hair feels. It is feeling dry & tight, and is just gasping for moisture.  Changing up your daily facial cleanser & moisturizers will be a huge benefit for your skin & it will certainly thank you for it. Don’t forget about those beautiful locks you took care of so well during the hot summer heat! By doing a weekly hydrating mask for your hair & using moisturizing products, you will notice a huge improvement. I have a few favorites that I will definitely share with you in the near future, but today I wanted to talk about something that I think is over looked a lot the time, but is so beneficial & is so easy to incorporate into your daily life.


Food plays a huge factor in so many aspects of our lives. It nourishes us with so many nutrients, it gives us energy, it’s a great way to bring friends & family together, and it really just tastes so good! Avenue Beauty has had the opportunity to work with some amazing local people with different specialties, & one of those people is personal chef Miles Kroeker. He wowed us at our Beauty After Hours nights earlier in the year, by whipping up some delicious bites for our lovely ladies & intentionally used ingredients that had huge benefits for our hair & skin. I wanted to share with you some of those incredible, delicious foods that Miles used & the benefits Miles shared with us all that night ~ all of which are readily available at your local grocery store, and most local farmers markets (we love to support local!)



Rich in vitamins A & C these two tasty friends of ours help boost our immune systems to fight off skin conditions such as acne, playing a role in our metabolism and cell growth to promote healthy looking skin.


Maple syrup, high in manganese is a key part of healing any blemishes or wounds while helping utilize other nutrients like those provided by squashes and apples.  Pumpkin seed oil helps nourish and moisturize skin to prevent stretch marks, dry skin & dandruff.


Help to improve our digestion and supply the proteins & oils necessary for the reproduction & healthy glow of our skin cells. Eating living sprouts helps maximize the energy taken in by the food and provide the natural enzymes that may be destroyed by cooking; for an all-around better body, both inside and out!


Excellent source of healthy, extra-lean protein and omega-3 fatty acids. These unsaturated fats are essential to our bodies, since we are unable to produce them on our own, and they’re easily digested to prevent the signs of aging.


Both used as health remedies for thousands of years, while among many other things, these two powerful foods aid in our digestion and help control blood flow. This provides the skin with a healthy system to transport all the necessary vitamins and minerals.


Another ancient medicinal product, sesame oil helps retain moisture in your skin & hair. However it also prevents extra moisture from being absorbed into the hair that may cause your hair to lose its style.


Extremely high in antioxidants helping control and fight off free radicals that are responsible for damaging tissue, including the skin, increasing the signs of aging. Zinc and Omega-6 fatty acids are present, both part of healthy skin cell growth and maintenance.


Aids in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins that give your skin a healthy glow and your hair that ravishing sheen.  Prevents dryness & flaking of skin, while reducing sagging. Nutrients essential for stronger, thicker hair are also present.


A high source of energy, nutrient dense & help cleanse the body. These three things combined will provide all the tools necessary to have amazing skin & hair while disposing of any substances that could cause harm.


Providing more of the essential fats we need in our diets, avocados have anti-aging properties, anti-inflammatory properties & helps treat psoriasis, a skin disease that causes redness and irritation.


I hope that these tips inspire you  to get in the kitchen during this chilly weather and to whip up some delicious treats! All of which will be nourishing and beneficially for not only just your hair & skin, but your overall body health.  For more great food tips check out or contact Miles personally @


Thanks for reading & keep being beautiful!




~Avenue Beauty Artist~