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Top Bronzer Picks

Posted on: July 11th, 2013 by Heidi Bogi No Comments

Summer is here! With summer comes suntans, sunburns and SPF! It always feels great when you can look your best and keep that beautiful summer glow without compromising your skin to the sun… and that starts with a great bronzer!

Bronzers can be quite overwhelming, with so many different brands and shades out there its hard to know which one is the best for you. Whether you use a bronzer to enhance what you have already, or to give the illusion of a healthier complexion the last thing we want with a bronzer is to have it leaving us looking orange!

Here are a few of my favourite bronzers for summer!

1. Nars – Laguna

This is probably the most commonly used bronzer around, the result of this bronzer gives off a golden shimmer and a light, natural glow.


2. Benefit – Hoola

Benefit is known for  their bronzers. This is a perfect matte bronzer that gives a gorgeous tropical bronze on every skin tone.BENEFIT_HOOLA_BRONZER

3. Rimmel 3 in 1

This bronzer contains 3 different shades, dark, medium and light. The three tones  warm up your skin tone with a perfect soft shimmery finish.  With the three different tones, you get a muti dimensional finish.


4. MAC Bronze – Matte

This is the most versatile bronzer on the market.  It is  very sheer, easy to build up and probably my most trusted bronzer.  From warming up a brides cheeks for her wedding day to doing a heavily contoured cheek bone for a dramatic look, this bronzer can be trusted!  Very versatile and beautiful on all skin tones, overall it is a very classic bronzer.

Mac Bronzer

5. MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish – Whisper of Guilt

This skinfinish wouldn’t fall under the category of bronzers but it is defiantly one of my favorite products that gives a great glow. This skinfinish can give a beautiful luminous glow with a reflecting metallic finish, fooling everyone in thinking you’ve been soaking in the sun for weeks!



Don’t be afraid to play around with a few of these bronzers to find out which ones make your skin look flawless and sun kissed!  Thanks for reading!!

-be confident, be beautiful

Robyn Labodi xoxo

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Summer Makes Me Happy

Posted on: July 3rd, 2013 by Heidi Bogi No Comments

Summer Makes me Happy

Summer Makes Me Happy!

Summer has arrived! With this past week being super sunny and hot, it is definitely safe to say summer is here to stay! We all want to be out enjoying the glorious sunshine, but we need to remember that our skin is not the only thing needing protection—so does our hair. Protecting our hair from direct rays, as well as treatments once out of the sun, will help eliminate dry, frizzy, faded, brittle hair & keep our manes stress free. Available products include shampoos, deep conditioners and spray in sunscreens.

What products should I be looking for?
I always recommend using a full series of start to finish sun hair care products. This includes shampoo, conditioner/conditioning mask, spray conditioner & spray hair sunscreen.

What is the benefit of using each product?

Shampoo: most sun care shampoos will gently remove mineral build-up caused by the water (salt or chlorine), and also create an invisible shield to help protect strands from environmental contaminants. Each brand will have specific ingredients to also nourish the hair keeping it healthy and soft. A few of my favorites are:

    • Redken Color Extend After Sun Shampoo: A very light product that gently cleanses, while moisturizing and adding protection.
    • Bumble & Bumble Surf Foam Wash Shampoo: gently removes impurities from your hair, while being weightless, leaving your hair soft


Conditioner: Adding moisture back into your hair and protecting it from fading is a big must during the summer months. Your hair has a tendency to lose moisture very quickly from the heat, so it is very important to keep it replenished, and therefore, happy. A few favorites:

    • Sexy Hair Soy Leave In Conditioner: One of my all time favorite leave-ins! Light weight & super moisturizing! Great to keep in your beach bag!
    • Artego Dream Repair Mask: This mask will get right into your strands and help rebuild and protect every fibre. By doing a weekly treatment, it helps eliminate frizz and replenish lost moisture.


Hair Sun Screen: A must have for a long day out at the beach! There are a few options to choose from:  spray, foam or cream. I personally like to use a spray, as it is quick to reapply, light on the hair and easy to pack. You want to look for a spray that has SPF in it—this will protect your scalp, hair line and color.  Some great options are:

    • Eveline Charles Shade Spray: Contains SPF 15 to protect scalp and hair, and also helps moisturizes the hair. Smells great!!
    • Redken Sun Solar Spray: SPF 12 protecting the hair from UVA & UVB rays. Also reloads hair with moisture.
    • Aveda Sun Care Protective hair veil: Create invisible shield against the sun for up to 16hrs. Filled with amazing natural oils to replenish and moisturize your hair, as well as protect it from damaging rays.


I would love to share with you a couple of my favorite styling tricks for summer!

    • Braids are awesome! Pop them in while your hair is damp, sleep on it, and undo them in the a.m. for some awesome beachy waves or use a braid in your style for day time!
    • Avoid using hot tools, and let mother nature do her thing! Feel free to add smoothing balms or creams to compliment the natural beauty of your hairs texture!
    • LOVE salt spray! Whether you can only squeeze in a tiny wave, or have fabulous big curls, this product is a must have! Gives your mane instant texture and volume, while being matte and adding moisture! (Favorites include: Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray, Lush Sea Salt spray, Eveline Charles Surfer Spray)

It will be a bit of trial and error to find out which product works best with your hair, but always remember to protect and moisturize to revitalize your strands during these wonderful sunny days!


Thanks for reading & keep being beautiful this summer! 

Robin Hubert