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Dry Shampoo 101

Posted on: June 19th, 2013 by Heidi Bogi No Comments

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Dry Shampoo 101

This is a gem of a product!  Dry Shampoo has really become a must have product this last year.  Its popularity is on the rise and I can see why!  Dry Shampoos have been around for a while now, just not quite as flashy as they are now.  With all the conditioning agents, fragrances and fancy labels they have come a long way from their entrance in the hair industry in the 60’s.  If you think about how long you spend on shampooing, conditioning, blow drying and then styling your hair, this bottle can give you that extra day…. it is so worth it!

This does not  mean everyone should stop washing their hair! I am suggesting you use it to get that extra day.  It comes in handy on those days you decided to sleep in an extra 10 minutes, not wash your hair and all of a sudden there is last minute supper plans! It also comes in handy when wanting  to get more volume and your hair is just too clean to hold a textured look.   Other scenarios that make me grab my dry shampoo is when I am back combing,  doing an up do, or when I need more grit/volume at my roots.

What is Dry Shampoo?

Essentially it is a powder that absorbs the natural oils and dirt that accumulates at your roots.  They typically come in an aerosol can, which gives you more control on how much you apply.

How do you use Dry Shampoo?

Start at your part, holding the bottle roughly 5-6inches away from your head, direct the spray on that first inch of root.  Take small horizontal sections,  spraying the roots.  Typically it is your temples, part, and crown that will need the most attention. Let it settle for a 2-3  minutes then brush through.  I usually use the tips of my fingers, working back and forth to work the product in.  If it remains quite white and noticeable, take a boar bristle brush to comb it through.

What Brand of Dry Shampoo?

You will have to decide on what type of dry shampoo suits your hair type the best.  I have listed a few of my tips with the brands I have tried!  Some are heavier and then others.  Some are whiter and more fragrant so really it is what suits you. If you have darker colored hair you can easily discover which ones are too powdery and heavy.

KMS Dry Shampoo: A bit heavy and white but still a great option for someone with lighter hair.

Big Sexy Dry Shampoo: Clay based so a good choice for darker hair tones

Rochaholic Dry Shampoo: I really like this one, good price point and a nice formula.

Batise Dry Shampoo: Number one top pick for dry shampoo in the UK.  It is a really good price point and has a few different scents.  It is now sold in Canada, typically under $10.  Found mine at Shoppers Drug Mart.  They have small travel sized bottles which allow you to try out the original formula.

Salon Grafix, Chromalogic: BRUNETTE ALERT! tried and tested by my beautiful brunette friend who, well lets just say has had her fair share of dry shampoo disasters!  She said its the ultimate Brunette dry shampoo because it does not have the white powder look that most other dry shampoos do!  Sold at Shoppers Drug Mart!

Home Made Dry Shampoo is a great alternative.  There are plenty of options for homemade dry shampoos online.  Often Corn Starch, baking powder, and or baby powder are key ingredients.  They are often very inexpensive and are not as sticky or fragrant as store bought however they may be a bit messy when applying.

Once you find a brand that suits you best, I am confident you will see some positive benefits with this product! Just be sure not to over do it!

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By Heidi Bogi
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If you want to know more specifics about ingredients I found this great article. Dry Shampoo Ingredients By Michelle Kerns