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Benefits of Tinted Moisturizer

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“Benefits of Tinted Moisturizer”

With summer just around the corner, I want to share with you one of my favorite products. It is a must have for every ladies vanity bag!

A tinted moisturizer is a fabulous product with endless benefits, evening out the skin tone giving you a soft, natural glow. It covers minor blemishes, keeps your skin hydrated & nourished while being so simple to apply.

One of the main reasons I love to use this product is because of the SPF protection hidden under its light weight texture. This allows me to protect my skin while still getting a beautiful sheer coverage on my face.

Keep in mind that there is an assortment of tinted moisturizers available today. They vary due to skin type, pigmentation levels and price point. Try to match the moisturizer as best as you can to your skin, but not to worry, as it is very forgiving and blends very well.

My 3 top picks for tinted moisturizer are:

Jane Iredale Dream Tint

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

MAC Studio Moisture Tint

Be kind to your skin and keep being beautiful!!

By Robin Hubert

Avenue Beauty Makeup Artist and Stylist

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The Art of Makeup

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“The Art Of Makeup”

To me, the art of make-up allows us to not only transform the way we look, but  also the way we feel. It gives us the ability to express our emotions & feelings through many colors, textures & shapes. Being a make-up artist is one of my true passions. It allows me to use my creativity in so many ways & drives me to think outside of the box. By collaborating with a guest, it becomes a unity of how they want to portray themselves, & what they would like to feel, along with my creative ideas & ability to apply it. Since makeup is extremely versatile, it can allow people to express themselves in various ways, & create different moods. Wearing make-up should not be about masking who you are. It should be used to reflect your inner beauty, enhance the stunning features that are unique to you and to showcase your total beauty in a positive way!


By Robin Hubert 

Hair and Makeup Artist for Avenue Beauty

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Makeup Brush Cleaning 101

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         Makeup Brush Cleaning 101Brushes are an essential tool for all makeup applications.  Some Makeup Brushes are made out of Synthetic Hairs; others are made of natural bristles.   Both Bristles need to be properly cleaned to rejuvenate the bristles, keep your makeup flawless and to stop bacteria from spreading and causing skin irritations and acne. This write up will show you the correct way to maintain your brush set.


-Dampen the bristles of the brush under the tap

-Take a small amount of shampoo

-I suggest Baby Shampoo or Specific Makeup Brush Shampoo

-Begin to lather soap into the bristles of the brush

-Work back and forth on your palm


-Rinse and repeat until the bristles are rinsing clean


-Reshape Bristles

-Lay Brushes Flat to dry

-I recommend you clean your personal brushes at least every other week.

-If you are having a break out I recommend you clean your brushes throughout.  You don’t want to keep busing that bacteria around!


Keep those brushes clean! Thanks for Reading!!

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By Heidi Mae

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