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Flawless Airbrushing

Posted on: October 18th, 2012 by Heidi Bogi No Comments
Airbrushing for Brides

Iwata is a leading brand in Airbrush Equipment! Makeup Forever’s Face and Body is my favorite Product to use for foundation.

Airbrush Makeup is not new to the beauty industry.  It has become more common and active in the industry because of high definition cameras. This caused a large demand for Airbrush Makeup because of its flawless finish and its invisible appearance on the skin.

Once Hollywood started filming with high definition cameras and the viewers were able to watch on large HD Screens, makeup artist had to make sure that foundation and makeup was perfect, and flawless. Using the wrong technique and tools can leave room for the makeup to be visible through the lens.  Airbrush offers a solution.

Looking beyond HD cameras and film, there are many more benefits to Airbrush Makeup.  It can be especially beneficial to a bride on her big day.  With a wedding day being a full day of laughing, chatting, photos, tears, and sweating, the endurance of the foundation allows the bride to flawlessly make it through her day.  It’s longevity and durability is what airbrush makeup is known for.  It last all day with little to no touch up and resists cracking!

Airbrush Makeup allows the makeup artist to offer full coverage without that heavy feel or obvious appearance!  Often with Airbrush Makeup, less is more!  For a makeup artist’s standpoint, it also saves on product!    The entire process will only take a few minutes!

The airbrush function is pretty basic.  A passing stream of fast moving air is made to go down a narrow passage; the high airflow picks up small amounts of product and atomizes the foundation into tiny tiny droplets.  The extreme fine degree of atomization produces such a fine mist that it allows the artist to have optimal control on the amount of coverage creating a smooth blended finish.

The application can actually be quite relaxing and refreshing!! For myself as a makeup artist, I cannot do a makeup application without my airbrush equipment!  I am still an artist that enjoys doing the eye shadows with a basic makeup brush, as I feel it gives me more control during the application. There are plenty of amazing artist that prefer the airbrush gun for the entire application which is great!

I hope this helps the brides out there see the benefits to spending a few more dollars on airbrushing and sets their worries to ease!

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