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Eye Popping Color!

Posted on: January 30th, 2012 by Heidi Bogi No Comments

Eye Popping Shadow

The Color Wheel plays a large role in the Makeup world. As a makeup artist I use this every day. When I’m choosing eye shadow colors for a model I am always making sure I have noted her eye color.

Blue eyes look great with warm gold colored eye shadows. Looking at a color wheel, blue is opposite of Yellow and orange. Putting these two colors beside each other enhances and compliments one another. When doing blue eyes I stay away from green and blue shadows, I find they wash each other out. Bronze, Antiqued are a couple of my favorite colors from Mac Cosmetics.

Wine and warmer purples are my favorite for green eyes. Referring to the color wheel Red, Red Violet, are opposite of green, so I find using wine colors work best to make the eye color pop. I would avoid putting a lot of green tones on a green eyed model. A touch of it in the liner of a pop of it in the outer corner is fine but don’t over cloud the eye with a matching eye shadow. Twinks and sketched are two of my favorites from Mac Cosmetics

Hazel and Brown eyes really pop with Purples and Emerald Green eye shadow colors. Because Brown and Hazel eyes are more neutral colors they can pull off almost any eye shadow color. Purples and emeralds would be my top pick! Sable and fig 1 are two of my favorites from Mac Cosmetics.

As for the Neutral eye shadow Colors, brown eye shadows are always a standard color to have in your makeup vanity. Champagne and Sandy Colors look great with all eye colors, especially when placed in the inner section of your eye. Blondes Gold loose dust from Mac is beautiful! Loose Dust are a great product to funk up your eye makeup!! Love Love them! Napoleon Perdis has some amazing colors and I find there’s are extremely milled so it is a very fine soft dust!

Mineral Makeup

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Mineral Foundation

Mineral Foundation is what I wear on a day to day basis. I love the fact that I don’t have to be nervous about getting a clogged pore. I have tried a lot of different brands, bare Minerals Original Formula is the Mineral Makeup that sits the highest on my list. The formula provides a great healthy glow. Some other Mineral Makeup Company’s I have tried dull, dry and chalk up my complexion, so be sure to spend the time finding the write shade and formula for your skin type.
Just to give you a bit of background on Bare Minerals, it has become one of the top selling Mineral Makeups in the world. It has expanded from a few basic colors and products to an extensive line makeup and skin care. They have a great start up package that comes with their primer, foundation, veil, and 3 amazing brushes. I find I don’t always use the Primer and the veil but they do help make the mineral foundation look more finished and more durable. I’ve added their website so you can check them out and get more info on them! Minerals Original formula gives a healthy glow to the skin, however if you are a bit shiny or oily you may want to try the Bar Minerals Matte Formula.